By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

You’ve Heard Of These World Famous Sites… But You’ve Never Seen Them From This Angle.

When we think of the worlds’ most beautiful beaches, mountains and famous landmarks we tend to see the images in a virtual tunnel-vision-type setting. Standing at ground-level, it is hard to showcase the grandeur and larger-than-life view. Critical details are missed that compliment and add depth to an already beautiful photo. Many of us have tried to capture the perfect shot or capture a beautiful locale only to find after we view the pictures later that they could have been better.

AirPano is a not-for-profit organization that is giving a new perspective to gorgeous locations around the world. Russian photographers take aerial photos using drones from a helicopter, airplane, hot air balloon and even a dirigible to achieve images in stunning 360º panoramas.

The images are absolutely gorgeous and unlike anything you have ever seen. You might find yourself spending a few minutes staring at each photo trying to catch every last and minuscule detail. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, these pictures could write novels.

AirPano has photographed over 200 locations worldwide. Here is a sample of their finest work.

Manhattan, New York, USA

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Kamchatka, Russia

Paris, France

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Manhattan, New York, USA

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