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Ever Wondered Why Airline Seats Must Be Upright During Takeoff?

Most of us have been on an airplane at least once in our lives. At least a couple of times during the flight we are told to put our seats in an upright position. Usually, these times are right before the plane takes off and right before it lands. Sometimes during the flight the instruction will be given as well. Do you know why this is an important thing to do? Have you ever wondered why it matters how your seat is positioned?

One reason is that the seat has a locking mechanism in it to hold it in place. The only time that this is activated is when it's in the upright position. This holds it in place and is the safest position for the seat to be in. If it’s reclined back it can’t lock into place.

Another reason is that when your seat is in the upward position it creates more room for the person in back of you. This makes it easier for them to get out of their seat in case of emergency. It works the same for you. When the person in front of you has their seat up, if the need arises, you can evacuate that much quicker and easier.

There are several other reasons for this practice as well. Read on for the rest of this important information.

#1. Taking off is dangerous.

Taking off is one of the two most dangerous times of a flight. That's why you have to have your seat in the upright position during take off.

#2. Airplane seats are positioned the way they are for a reason.

There is a specific design for the lay out of seats on an airplane. This is not only for comfort but for ease of evacuation if it's needed.

Airplane seats are positioned  the way they are for a reason.

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#3. You can stop this from happening if you need.

We have all had the person sitting next to us on a flight that we didn't want. You don't always have control over it. If a case like this were to come up, being in the upright position makes it easy to deliver a swift elbow to rectify the situation. That is, if you don't know the person. Well, maybe if you do know them you might want to do it too!

You can stop this from happening if you need.


#4. The upright position is the safest.

The locking mechanism in the seat is only activated when it's in the upright position.

#5. Sometimes evacuations are needed.

Nobody likes to think about it but the reality is you may have to evacuate from the plane. Having your seat in the proper position makes it easier and quicker for everyone.

Sometimes evacuations are needed.

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