By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

21 Secrets Airlines Are Keeping From Their Passengers… Some Of Them You NEED To Know.

#8. You don't have to be delayed.

If your flight is delayed, for whatever reason, you have an option that few people are aware of: The delayed airline is required to put you on a competitor's flight if it will arrive sooner than their own plane. Make sure to ask for this option the next time you're delayed. The only caveat: If the competitor has no seats on its plane, you're out of luck.

#9. Even if they look new, usually planes are pretty old.

Recently, the fuselage of a Boeing 737 blew a hole during flight. The plane landed safely, but an inspection revealed that the plane had taken over 40,000 flights over the course of 15 years. In flight years, that's basically ancient.

#10. Frequent flier miles are mostly worthless.

Usually, it takes thousands of frequent flier miles or points to actually be translated into a discount or upgrade. The reason? There are so many deals and points programs circulating around the airline industry, they're losing their value. Still, best of luck finding a fantastic deal.

#11. Traveling with your baby in your lap isn't safe.

Sure, it saves you from having to buy an exorbitantly priced extra ticket. However, in the event of an emergency, having your baby on your lap is extremely dangerous. Even in cases when everyone was safe after an emergency landing, the mother's often lose their grip on their babies on impact.

#12. There might be dead people on your plane.

There might also be exotic animals, organs, or blood that's being transported by the American Red Cross. How do you think these things get anywhere?

#13. Your headphones aren't new.

Most of the in-flight headphones, even the ones that you paid for, are re-used.

#14. Your cellphone doesn't really interfere with air traffic control.

The FAA established this rule before they knew that cellphones have little to no impact on the actual flight. The reason you have to turn it off? Simply because they haven't gotten around to changing the rule.

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