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30 Of The Weirdest Things Ever Seen By Flight Attendants.

You never know what to expect when boarding a plane. The best we can do is hope and pray that the plane is filled with normal people who have common courtesy. Unfortunately, that's not always the case.

The longer the flight is, the more likely it is for the weirdness to come out of people. People start to get more comfortable. Some step out of their boundaries and into other people's personal space. Some leave their personal belongings hanging around in areas they shouldn't.

But the unpredictable surprises you experience on a plane can be good too. Maybe you're one of the lucky strangers who got to witness and be a part of someone's romantic marriage proposal. Or you saw something that just genuinely made you laugh.

Like we said, planes are full of surprises of all sorts; good and bad. See if you can relate to any of the ones below.

#1. Looks like this flight's destination is the North Pole.

#2. So what's exactly going on here?

#3. A mile high surprise marriage immediately after the groomed proposed during takeoff.

#4. Is the baby safe down there?

Is the baby safe down there?

#5. What are the odds of coincidentally sitting down next to your... doppleganger!

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