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20+ Pictures That Prove That Anything Goes At The Airport.

There's no denying that Japan offers a warm welcome to its visitors, but what exactly are they encouraging people to slam? Drinks? Brakes? Let us know if you find out what you're expected to slam when you enter Japan because inquiring minds need to know.

Waiting for your friends at the airport can be quite a tiring task, especially if don't remember to bring a book. Luckily, whoever spotted this was given a good laugh while they were waiting. Did these Jewish men even notice what was happening on the other side of the sign? Needless to say, he's got some great legs!

Long layovers can be excruciating, especially if you're lacking the appropriate amount of sleep. These people weren't going to risk being grumpy travelers, so they just set up their own sleeping quarters. It looks pretty comfortable, too!

"No, sir. I don't know where those seven packs of delicious cookies came from. No, I don't think that's my bag. Oh, yes, that's my ID." The only thing that can come from this kind of search is a totally embarrassing admission of cookie addiction in front of everyone.

Now these days you really can't mess up at your airport job. There's always someone with a camera recording your mistakes for the world to see.

Nils Kerkhoff / YouTube

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