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The 15 Best Airports For A Layover… What They Do For You In #13 Is Insane.

#6. Haneda Airport in Tokyo

If you have a layover in Tokyo they will give you plenty of chances to spend some money. There are plenty of stores to choose from that include a clothing store and a toy store. While you are walking from store to store be sure to look up at the amazing design of the airport.

#7. Munich airport

Have you ever gone surfing while waiting for your connecting flight? Well if you are ever at Munich Airport you'll be able to do just that. Take a look at this, is there any better way to wait for your next flight?

#8. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas

Everyone knows that an airport layover can be the most boring few hours of your life. If you ever find yourself in Austin you may be able to catch a show while waiting for your next plane.

The airport hosts live shows each week and the entertainers range from swing to jazz and everything in between.

#9. Athens International Airport

Athens is a great place to visit. There are so many historical areas that it's a must stop on any destination list. Even the airport gets involved by offering a mini museum that offers plenty of archaeological artifacts for you to check out. Some of them go all the way back to the Byzantine times.

#10. Incheon Airport in Seoul

If you find yourself held over in Seoul it just may be your lucky day. The airport here has a pair of movie theaters, seven different gardens, an ice skating rink and an 18 hole putting course.

If you venture over to the cultural center you'll be entertained by dance performances and live music. Who wouldn't want to kill a few hours here? Movies, ice skating and golf? I'm in!

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