Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

22 Airport Sightings That You Just Don’t See Every Day.

Traveling to a different country can be one exhilarating experience. But what it takes to get to your destination is not as fun as it may seem. You sit in an uncomfortable seat for hours and hours. After a while, there’s only so much you can do to keep yourself entertained. Sure, that Adam Sandler movie kind of sucked but it helped you forget about how long it’d be until you were able to get off that plane. Then you have to deal with a 5-hour layover. All that jetlag, the crankiness that comes with traveling, and the exhaustion makes passengers frustrated, and with good reason! That’s why it’s so common to run into some of the craziest airport situations and sights that can truly make your flight a hundred times more fun.

Someone decided to check a stick (yes! A STICK) at the airport.

We didn’t know Gandalf went through TSA checks and long lines at the airport like the rest of us, mortals. Someone please explain why anyone would want to keep that piece of wood? Would anyone really be able to harm someone with that flimsy-looking stick?

This fragile old lady isn’t taking any crap from passersby who are dying for her to move her stuff and free the way.

Every one of those folks could’ve easily asked her to move, but they were too afraid to upset her. Perhaps, they didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, but after wasting 15 minutes in line, someone should scream,” enough is enough!”

Someone spotted this “blind” pilot walking around the airport and it gives us chills.

The man’s not only wearing an official pilot uniform, but he also seems to be visually impaired. While anyone will naturally assume that he was just playing around, we bet people’s hearts stopped for a second. But you know what would make things worse? If he was actually going around telling random people he was scheduled to fly their plane!

Any traveling parent knows that even if you manage to carry the bare minimal, things can still get complicated.

We’re pretty sure that this momma tried her best to stay organized. Despite her efforts, she got stuck in line and seems to have misplaced her adorable baby who is now on the way to get scanned.

To anyone who has never had kids, this might seem like poor parenting at its finest.

But to anyone who’s already a parent, this image perfectly describes what it feels like to be traveling with toddlers. Sure, these kids could use a few more boundaries, but once you’ve reached a point when they’re acting like this, you got to take a step back, hold your breath, and see if you can get them to at least get off the floor. Ugh!

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