By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Found An Old Airstream Trailer And Turned It Into Every Woman’s Dream.

It was the boldest mode of transportation of its time, and has arguably continued its reign of awesomeness since Wally Byam built the first model in his backyard in the 1920's. The Airstream has an unmistakable shiny aluminum surface, and its glamorous art deco curves are a common sight on highways from coast to coast. Owners of Airstreams are known for their cultish devotion to the vehicle, and today, they are being repurposed for every reason imaginable.

Before we get to one Airstream's awesome transformation, check out the history of the slick mobile home in the informative video below.

Pretty interesting stuff, isn't it? And Airstreams weren't just the belle of the transportation ball back in the day, either. Today, they are being lived in, traveled in, and even transformed into small businesses. Susan Aflak transformed her Airstream into a convenient, mobile nail salon.

Aflak was an accountant and investment banker, and realized that she had no place to conveniently get her nails done. She found herself wishing that there was a nail truck parked right next to the food trucks in California's Bay area.

Instead of waiting for someone else to come up with this excellent idea, Aflak decided to do it herself. She purchased an Airstream and put herself through beauty school to learn how to give professional manicures.

Thus, the mobile nail salon La Lacquerie was born.

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