A Drone Captured Unique Footage Of One The Rarest Sights On Earth.

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Herman Melville's Moby-Dick stepped aside for real-life whale, Migaloo, who was first spotted in 1991 and was at the time the only known white whale in the world. Migaloo has since become a kind of celebrity.

Thanks to a tip from a tourist, drone pilot and videographer Anton Schutte recently captured aerial footage of another white whale - a rare albino calf in Western Cape, South Africa. Just how rare are these creatures?

Albino whale calves make up a mere 2% of those born each year, according to scientists.

Due to their color, whales without pigmentation face unique dangers in the wild. In this video, you'll be delighted to see this stunning white calf and its gray mother bonding closely. Both are southern right whales.

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