Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

89 Year-Old Surgeon Does Four Operations A Day, And Has No Plans To Retire.

Who says the elderly can't work? Although it's not common as many people tend to retire as soon as they can, there is a handful of people who love their job and can't stop doing it. The idea that age slows a person down doesn't necessarily apply to everyone. And if you think the elderly are too old and brittle to be of any use in any occupation, you obviously have never met Alla Illyinichna Levushkina.

Levushkina is almost 90 years old and she's a force to be reckon with. She's a surgeon at Ryazan Hospital near Moscow and she currently performs four operations a week.

Now 89-years-old, Levushkina lives in a flat with her eight cats and disabled nephew that she takes care of.

She's been a surgeon for a great 67 years and has already performed over 10,000 operations. And no, she doesn't intend on slowing down.

“Being a doctor isn’t just a profession but a lifestyle,” she said when asked if she had any plans to retire.

“If I stopped working, who is going to perform the surgeries?”

In Levushkina's early days, she worked for the air medical services. There, she treated patients that were living in the outskirts of Russia.

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