Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

When You Watch This Heartbreaking GoPro Footage, You’ll Never Leave Your Dog Alone Again.

Youtuber Mike the Intern got a GoPro and attached it to his dog to see what he does when he's at work all day. This is an edited version of what happened.

We have to warn you though, this is very sad. If you have a dog, you may never want to leave it alone again.

The battery of the camera died before Mike could film their happy reunion, but when he returned, he watched the footage and cried. He told Reddit, "I’ve had him for six years and today is the first day I have heard him howl." The golden doodle had a bulldog for a sidekick, but when his roommate moved out a few months ago, he took the bulldog with him. Mike wrote that he is considering getting him a new buddy, and that he's never leaving the pup alone again.

Source: Mike The Intern