Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Genius Inventions That Will Take Our Lives To The Next Level.

If you think about it, everything has been pretty much invented before! Some people believe that anything that could've been invented has already been invented, but others beg to differ. These 30 genius inventions were designed to simplify life. We're amazed at how designers keep coming up with these incredible concepts that make life a total walk in the park.

#1. Hi-Tech Bench

This bench comes with Wi-Fi, power outlets, and solar panels, but can you sit on it? It looks like a great place to sit while waiting for the bus, but hopefully, it won’t radiate your butt.

#2. Pill Holder

The bottle-cap was designed to hold your pills and keep water from spilling out of your bottle. It was about time someone came up with this solution. Now you won’t forget to take your meds.

#3. Loading Indicator

This train station allows passengers to know how full each car is so they don't waste their time trying to squeeze themselves in an already-swamped car. But how do they do it? Some of these modern trains use sensors above doors which allow them to count passengers when they first enter the train and when they leave. Other CCTV systems rely on image recognition software to count passengers.

#4. Pizza Vending Machine

Totally starving? Craving pizza? Then look no further than this pizza vending machine! This genius vending machine promises to deliver fresh pizza, ready in 3 minutes. Can we get one of these at home?

#5. Public Slides

Who said exercising had to be boring? Imagine finishing off your morning walk by climbing all those stairs and then sliding down the sides? This is simply fantastic! And you know what? If the next president promises to put slides on all of the stairs in the country, they might just get our vote!

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