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22 Facts That Are So Tantalizingly Bizarre You’ll Want To Share Them With Everyone.

Are you the kind of person that prides yourself on being a wealth of trivia knowledge, accumulated over the years into one big random smorgasbord of information circulating around in your brain? Do you often find yourself regaling people at parties with these facts, or being asked to be on your co-workers champion trivia team?

If so, we've got a great resource for you.

Here, we've compiled a list of 22 weird and wonderful facts that you probably didn't know - and no one else probably knows, either. Read them below, and prepare to be the center of attention at every dinner party or happy hour for at least the next couple of weeks.

#1. Printer ink is more expensive than fine champagne.

In fact, ink costs seven times more per milliliter than a vintage bottle of Dom Perignon.

#2. Graham Crackers were named after a zealot who hated the idea of sex.

Diet guru and possible pyschopath Sylvester Graham believed that sexual desire was ruining America. Graham proposed that rich food like meat and cheese stoked sexual desire within people, and that arousal could be damaging to the brain. He also reasoned that white flour was one of the worst offenders in the American diet. His solution? Whole wheat. What Graham developed as a "suitable" flour alternative is the flour used today in graham crackers.

#3. Calling someone a pussy has nothing to do with what you thought it did.

When you call someone a pussy you are actually calling them a pusillanimous.

#4. The world's oldest tortoise was born before America was free.

Adwaita the tortoise died only 6 years ago, but he was born 26 years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

#5. Allergies to Brazil nuts can be passed sexually.

According to a study in the UK, you can acquire an allergy to Brazil nuts from a partner's bodily fluids.

#6. Once, an organ donation had some eerie results.

Sonny Graham received the heart of a suicide victim. Graham ended up marrying the victim's widow. Years later, Graham killed himself on the same day that his heart donor did.

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