By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

There Is Something Very Amazing About This Tiny House… And It’s Not The Size.

The architects at ArchiBlox have built a prototype for the world's first carbon positive house, which was unveiled in Melbourne's City Square. Carbon positive is a term which means the house actually produces more energy on-site than it requires.

It also looks amazing! This house has everything the minimalist could want. They have incorporated a very open floor plan with an stunning eco-friendly design. The house has a bedroom, bathroom, full kitchen, laundry, and living area, all in 800 square-feet. In addition, the designers also incorporated built-in pots on both interior and exterior walls to grow your own herbs and vegetables.

The roof is covered by grass and solar panels, and an in-ground tubing system along with a natural ventilation system eliminate the need for a conventional HVAC system. All these fantastic innovations have made this house completely self-sufficient!

Now, that we have proven a house can be built that is capable of producing more energy than it needs, let's take the next step, and see if we can do it on a larger scale!

I'm ready to move in! How about you?

Source: Inhabitat