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By Krista Miranda

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Man Buys Old Ambulance On eBay And Transforms It Into A Traveling Home.

Traveling across the country is a dream for so many people. Having the ability to just pack up, and hit the open road, is one of the most freeing things anyone could do. The most important thing to consider when heading out on an extended road trip, is your mode of transportation. You want something that is comfortable and reliable. You want something that can be considered your home while you're on the road. Some people choose to drive massive RV's, and some people choose to turn their van into a home on wheels. This man chose an extremely unconventional vehicle, but it seems like the perfect way to go.

Last year, Ian Dow did something that most people would never consider doing.

Ian wanted to start traveling, so he began looking on Craigslist for just the right vehicle to do the job. He initially wanted a van, but after a seller fell through, he turned his eyes to something a little more unique.

He started searching on eBay, and saw just the right thing.

He found a used ambulance for $2,800, and realized it would be perfect for his adventures. He purchased the ambulance and drove it 1200 miles back to his home in California.

After some brainstorming, Ian began converting the ambulance into a traveler's dream.

It took six months of preparation and building, but he was ready to hit the road. He nicknamed the ambulance "El Salvador," and he and his dog Dino started out on their epic adventure.

Ian did some really incredible work to the ambulance.

He added an outdoor shower compartment with a 30 gallon water tank on the roof. He also put in a propane heater, so he could have nice warm showers.

The ambulance also has room for guests.

If Ian ever wants to have a travel partner, besides Dino, of course, then they can stay in a tent located on the roof. What a creative idea!

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