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25 Fascinating Facts About The Amish.

#6. The period of Rumspringa

The period of Rumspringa


When teens turn 16 years old in the Amish community, they enter the period referred to as Rumspringa. The youth are allowed to go out and do regular things that would otherwise be forbidden in the community. This usually consists of going to the movies or taking a drive, although some have been known to drink and do drugs.

#7. The Amish population

The Amish population


The Amish arrived in North America in the early 1700's, settling mostly in Pennsylvania. Presently, over 300,000 Amish live in Canada and the United States with the latter spread over 28 states.

#8. The absence of music

The absence of music


Amish members are not taught to learn or play musical instruments, for the same reasons as the faceless dolls. Music is seen as a form of expression that leads to pride and a sense of superiority.

#9. The role of women

The role of women

Amish women have the traditional role of being the homemaker with the standard tasks of cooking and cleaning the home.When out in public, the woman is expected to follow the man's lead.

#10. Practice of shunning people

Practice of shunning people


The Amish exclude members of their community in the manner of shunning, therefore, keeping communication to a minimum. Another way is to shame the individual until he or she returns to the church after understanding and accepting their errors.

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