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25 Fascinating Facts About The Amish.

#11. Excommunicating a member.

Excommunicating a member.


The Amish have been known to excommunicate members which means the person is expelled from the community. The measure is so extreme that even parents are expected to cut off all forms of communications with their kids.

#12. No Automobiles

No Automobiles


The Amish do not use vehicles. Instead, they rely on the old-fashioned horse and buggy. You can even find the street sign depicting this form of transportation. Members of the community depend on each other in their daily lives, therefore, a car would serve as a hindrance. If one owned a car, then that member would no longer need his fellow member's help.

#13. Going to church

Going to church


The Amish came about as a fracture from the Mennonites resulting in their persecution. As a consequence, Anabaptists held their church services in their homes. Today, members take turn holding services in their homes.

#14. Raising the barn high

Raising the barn high


The Amish may be known for their horse and buggy as well as barn raising. The community holds barn raising as a form of festivity as well as way to get members to pitch in and help another member. Neighbors putting all their efforts together to help one another has become a pillar of Amish life.

#15. The popular beard

The popular beard


You just have to look at an Amish man in the face to know if he is married or not. Men have to grow their beards, not including the moustache, as soon as they marry.

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