Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Amputee Cat Just Got New Legs, And Now There’s No Stopping Him.

“I had the vague idea that this is done, but it sounded impossible for our practice,” Zlatinov said. “But I wanted to try.”

He had his doubts, but the entire project was a success! In no time, Pooh got his new bionic legs and surprisingly adapted to them pretty well.

“Pooh can move freely on flat surfaces — walking, running, even making small jumps… What’s important is that he doesn’t seem to be in pain.”

“We’re very proud,” said Zlatinov. “It was quite a success … It gives hope to other patients.”

Pooh is now at a rescue shelter in Bulgaria called "Let's Adopt." He'll be ready for adoption and his forever home really soon!

Watch Pooh and his bionic legs in action in the video below.

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