Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

It Looks Like An Ancient Book, But What’s Hidden Inside Reveals… WHAT?!!

This is a dos-à-dos book, which means it’s a single book with a hard back, which forms the cover for another book. However, what’s special about this one is that it contains not just two books… but actually has 4 others hidden!

Each book opens differently with a little clasp. This book was created in Germany and contains religious devotional texts. This rare, intricately designed book is at the National Library of Sweden. It’s like a Medieval version of Amazon’s Kindle!

National Library of Sweden

National Library of Sweden

National Library of Sweden

Now that’s what I call bathroom reading material. This thing is amazing! If you think this is interesting, you should check out Erik Kwakkel. He’s a book historian at Leiden University in the Netherlands, and is the one responsible for bringing stories like this to us.

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