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This Special Book Was Created Over 800 Years Ago. What It Contains Is Extraordinary.

In 1692 a Dutch artist named A. Boogert created an “educational masterpiece” on the art of watercolor. All of the book’s nearly 800 pages were either written or painted by hand. Not only that, the massive number of colors and shades the book illustrates is comparable to a modern pantone color guide you might find at paint store. It was likely the most comprehensive guide on watercoloring 322 years ago.

The book was translated by a Medieval book historian named Erik Kwakkel. He discovered that the author intended it to be an educational book, but there was only one copy so it wasn’t seen by many people.

The book contains a comprehensive color index entirely drawn by hand. Here you can see which color you want to learn about and which page to jump to.

You can see the entire book here in high resolution or visit the the e-corpus site for some descriptions. The book is stored at Bibliothèque Méjanes in Aix-en-Provence, France.

When something this exhaustive is done by hand it takes on a very special quality - the kind that fine art seems to possess, especially since it's over 300 years old!

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Source: thisiscolossal