By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

They Use A 1000 Year-Old Secret To Catch Fish… And The Photos Are Achingly Beautiful.

Fishermen in Guilin, China do not use rods to catch their fish. Instead they use the cormorant bird. The method has been used since 960 AD. Early in the morning the men sit atop their bamboo rafts with bright lights to attract the fish.

The cormorant does the rest of the work. A snare with a ring is placed around the bird’s neck where it dives in shallow waters. The ring prevents the bird from eating the carp by having to spit it out. The birds, however, do get to eat the smaller fish.

Russian photographer Viktoriia Rogotneva was witness to the ancient tradition in the River Li. She captured the serene and beautiful landscape while the men went about their daily task. This method of fishing is becoming rare, as it is more of a tourist attraction than the industry it once was.

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