By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Room Looks Real Enough To Chill In… Until The Camera Zooms Out.

Wes Anderson is a writer and director that's known for his skilled hand at all things precious, twee, and charming. His movie sets are like pictures from a storybook, and now, they're about to get even cuter.

A Barcelona-based illustrator is responsible for these watercolor dioramas from your favorite Wes Anderson films. They're incredibly detailed and even more charming than Anderson's originals, and they also give a nod to his technique: Anderson is also know for making miniatures of his work while filming.

Take a look at these tiny Anderson worlds below -- how many of the sets do you recognize?

These miniature versions of Wes Anderson sets and props are just about as cute as they come.

Recognize the concierge desk from Grand Budapest Hotel?

The dioramas are created with watercolor and carefully cut paper.

Who couldn't recognize these scenes from The Darjeeling Limited?

Judging by the tweeness and old-fashioned charm of this work, it feels like Anderson and this Barcelona artist are a match made in heaven.

Source: Messtnessy Chic