By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Used 1,200 Hand Painted Cubes To Create The World’s Most Innovate Portrait.

Every once in awhile, an artist comes along and does something so unusual, we have to stop and take not. The California based Andrew Myers is one of those artists, and his work is truly mind-boggling.

He suspended 1,200 hand-painted acrylic cubes from 800 yards of stainless steal, which is remarkable in and of itself. However, the resulting work isn't an abstraction: The cubes come together to create the image of a man, and one that is shockingly realistic.

It took Myers and his team seven months to complete the project, and you can see the fruits of their labor below.

Up close ad personal, the acrylic cubes look amazing, each of them slightly different from the next.

From this angle, it's hard to tell what the cubes actually create.

Myers' work is known for being time consuming. His previous exhibitions have included pieces made with thousands of screws

Taking a step back, the image of the man starts to take shape.

The piece is entitled "My Dealer is Not a Square." The man depicted is Lawrence Cantor, Myers' art dealer.

According to Myers' himself, he had no idea how it would look until it came time to actually put the piece together. Luckily, it turned out just as he envisioned.

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Source: My Modern Met