By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

‘Angry Grandpa’ Just Got Pranked In The BEST Way Possible, At 3:06 I Was A Wreck.

"Angry Grandpa" is an Internet sensation best known for his outraged reactions to his son's pranks. His son, Michael, seems to really love pulling them.

However, when Michael and his partner Bridgette went searching for a new house, they decided to pull the ultimate prank on Angry Grandpa - and it's definitely not what you'd think.

After realizing that he was choosing his own house, Angry Grandpa reacted with a different emotion that his usual outrage - gratitude. It's certainly a touching scene, and Michael sums up the reason for their emotional moment quite succinctly: "It's every kids dream to buy their father a house."

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Source: TheAngryGrandpaShow