By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These 30 Baby Animals Will Help You Rediscover Your Lost Joy.

After looking at these photographs, you're definitely going to want to show all of your friends. Word of warning: You might want to calm yourself down and silence your cooing and squealing before you do. These adorable photos of animal babies will have you uttering sounds of delight instead of forming real words, and rightfully so: Is there anything cuter in this world than a sweet widdle animal awwwwww....

See, you can't even type about them without losing it.

Check out these insanely precious fur and feather balls below. #5 actually made me screech with excitement.

#1. Widdle giwaffe.

Admit it, that's how you said it to yourself.

#2. The most precious elephant baby.

#3. A deer that fits in the palm of your hand.


#4. This little guy is just trying to make it in the world.


#6. Just hanging out, keeping casual and foxy.

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