By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Are The Loveliest Photos Of Animals Pretending To Be Burritos That You Will Ever See.

I’ve always been a fan of the fundamental idea behind burritos: Take the foods you love (guacamole, cheese, beans, and rice) and wrap them in a warm and protective shell before serving. The result? A wrapped-and-ready comestible that gives you a little bit of everything in every bite.

Now that it’s cold outside, I’m also into wrapping myself up like the burritos I admire. Coincidentally, the only thing better than eating a burrito (or wrapping your own body in a cozy burrito-blanket) is to wrap up your pets like burritos, too! These members of the animal kingdom have vast and varied reactions to being burrito-fied: Some remain nonplussed, some react as if they genuinely enjoy their situation, and others seem to find it undignified. Either way, even if you find yourself blanket and burrito free, these animal burritos are so cute that it might be hard to resist eating them right up off the floor.

#1. The baby bat burrito

#2. The sad burrito

#3. The bulldog burrito

#4. The to go burrito

#5. The baby sloth burrito

#6. The carpet kitty burrito

#7. The big pink cat burrito

#8. The cute pink nosed puppy burrito

#9. The three kitty burrito deluxe

#10. The pug burrito

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