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24 Hilarious Photos Of Animals In Funny Situations. #11 Is Slightly Embarrassing.

For the most part, animals come off as cool, majestic creatures we admire. Maybe they are like humans, some just have goofy and klutzy personalities. Can you imagine a lion ever looking less than regal?

With the invention of social media nothing seems to go unnoticed. Animals are not saved from being caught in awkward situations without a photo taken. We have collected these photographs of animals in funny and slightly embarrassing circumstances that will make them glad their friends are not on Facebook. I think I need to start relaxing the same way #10 does.

#1. Totally meant to do this.

#2. Wake us up when the commercial is over.

Wake us up when the commercial is over.

#3. Coconuts can be life changing.

#4. Nothing worse than realizing there's none left.

#5. Dancing like no one is watching.

Dancing like no one is watching.

#6. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

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