By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Intimate Animal Courtship Dances Performed By Humans In This FUNNY Video.

When in love, everything is thrown out the window. The most confident and relaxed people suddenly blush easily, find joy in long glances at their other half, and even become interested in things they considered boring previously.

We have all seen our friends completely change when they fancy someone. Some men will flex and try to showcase their physiques. Women will pull out that awesome red lipstick or sway their hips a little more when they walk. But nothing beats how animals in the wild court each other.

Some court their partners by having full body contact from the beginning while others need to observe their beloveds from a distance before a romantic move is made. The Japanese condom company Sagami Original put together an animal courtship video with creatures like love birds, blue-footed boobies, cranes, fiddler crabs, foxes, and flamingos, all performed by humans. There is something very elegant about the way cranes flirt and it makes sense why love birds were given that name.

Source: Sagami Original

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