By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

Can You Guess The Real Names For These Groups Of Animals?

We use collective nouns to describe groups of animals, ideas, objects, and people as a single unit. Some common ones include a bouquet of flowers, a class of students, a division of soldiers, a galaxy of stars, and an orchard of trees.

As you can see, not only do collective nouns make language more feasible by sparking specific images, they also turn speaking into a colorful and playful practice. Among the most playful are collective nouns for animals. There are common ones like a pack of dogs and a herd of cattle, but there are also some that we don't use as often like a train of camels or a pace of asses.

Try taking the quiz we've created below to find out if you are a collective noun expert (or have fun guessing like I did). Answers will be revealed at the end.

#1. Is it a CONFUSION or a MUDDLE of guinea fowl?

#2. Is it a HEDGE or a BRANCH of herons?

#3. Is it a BUNCH or a BOUQUET of pheasants?

#4. Is it a RARITY or an IMPLAUSIBILITY of gnus?

#5. Is it a PAGEANT or an OSTENTATION of peacocks?

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