By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

These Animal Sculptures Will Change How You Look At Everyday Objects.

Federico Uribe may live the life of a bohemian having travelled the world to work and study in countries like Russia, Cuba, Mexico, and England but it is nature that fuels his creative genius . The artist grew up in colourful and lush Colombia surrounded by its captivating landscapes. The experience influenced greatly his series Animal Farm.

“I spent a big part of my childhood on a farm, so I have vivid memories of it and its beauty,” says Uribe. For the project, the Miami-based sculptor uses everyday objects like pencils, wood scraps, corks, and shoelaces to bring his vision to life.

Uribe's pieces are not sculpted but constructed from products originally made to be used for a different purpose.

"I just remember animals, shapes, and I like the challenge of making them with something unusual and hopefully they have the depth of a literary character," says Uribe.

"These are the best memories of my childhood. I have tried to recreate these animals and the peaceful atmosphere of the farm," explains the artist.

His creations are made from recycled materials.

Uribe says Animal Farm is a "homage to a mythical world."

Source: Creative Boom