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10 Bizarre Syndromes That Only Affect Animals.

You might say we’re spoiled because we have major medical advantages at our disposal. Unfortunately, animals don’t have the same benefits we do, and yet, they’re just as susceptible to sicknesses as we are. Over the past couple of years, diseases have spread throughout the animal kingdom. The only problem is, animals can’t talk and say, “Hey, I’ve got this,” or “I’ve got that.” But if people can get sick and face bizarre medical issues, then why can’t an animal? So, if you’re an animal lover, then you should know that your pets are likely to develop any number of syndromes.

#1. Berserk Male Syndrome

Berserk Male Syndrome will cause animals like peacocks, alpacas and llamas to simply go berserk. This condition is caused by humans who are with these animals from the time they’re young. It confuses the animal into thinking their owners are part of their pack. So, if the human gets too close to their personal bubble, they’ll attack.

Berserk Male Syndrome

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#2. Balloon Syndrome

Balloon Syndrome isn’t as fun as it sounds, especially if you happen to be an adorable hedgehog. Scientists believe it may be caused by a punctured lung, so when the hedgehog breathes in, it traps air under its skin, causing it to puff up like a balloon. Thankfully, vets can puncture tiny holes in the body to release the air.

#3. Floppy Trunk Syndrome

Floppy Trunk Syndrome isn’t as cute as it sounds and could actually turn out to be life-threatening. This syndrome makes an elephant’s trunk go limp. The condition is the result of metal poisoning which the animal ingests from dry riverbeds. The heavy lead concentration paralyzes the trunk, making it difficult for the elephant to eat.

Floppy Trunk Syndrome

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#4. High-Rise Syndrome

High-Rise Syndrome is a disorder in which cats seem to survive from greater fall versus short falls. Cats love to scale high places, which puts them in danger of falling. But the longer they have to fall, the easier it is for them to prepare for a landing. Shorter falls don’t give them enough time to land on their feet, so the risk of injury increases.

#5. Black Dog and Black Cat Syndrome

Black Dog and Black Cat Syndrome makes these otherwise gorge pets completely unlikable at shelters. Dark-colored animals tend to lack distinguishable features, which makes them less likely to get adopted. But some people may refuse them because of silly superstition like how black dogs are disguised vampires and black cats are associated with bad luck.

Black Dog and Black Cat Syndrome

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