By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

33 Shameless Thieves Who Happen To Be Adorable Animals, #19 Is A Criminal Genius.

Animals can get up to a lot of crazy antics like messing up the kitchen, tearing apart the toilet paper. However, one of their little known talents is much more sinister: Animals really like to steal things.

Below are 33 animals who are into thieving, pilfering, looting, and purloining - and the looks on most of their faces indicates that they don't feel bad about it, either. Check out some of the furry robbers below - #21 isn't even sorry.

#1. Looking for a midnight snack.

#2. Refuses to leggo of your Eggo.

#3. Wants to take all the credit.

Wants to take all the credit.

#4. Hoped you'd never have to see him like this.

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