By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Animal Twins That Will Make You Think You’re Seeing Double.

Looking at puppies, kittens, or any cute animals gives me a warm feeling and makes me smile. Now add animals that are twins to the equation and the adorable factor goes thru the roof. Multiple births happen in nature, mostly dogs, cats, deers and sheep. Of course, DNA testing would be required to confirm their relationship, but here are some furry animals that definitely look like more than just siblings.

#1. A cat litter can have the same mom but multiple dads, nonetheless, chances are this is the same papa. 

#2. Elephant twins are very rare in nature, these two look very much alike. 

#3. Unlikely twins, owls are laid at separate times.

#4. Not only do they look alike, but also act crazy alike.

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