By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

7 Dream Vacations For People Who Love Animals… I Want To Visit Pig Beach.

Have you ever wanted to grab a bunch of bunnies and hug them as tightly as you could? Would you do just about anything to be able to snuggle up to a pile of St. Bernards, kick it with some chill giraffes, or even take a swim with a few friendly pigs?

Well, in different parts of the world, all of your dreams can come true. Now pick your animal and go explore.

Bunny Island

Bunny Island, officially called Okunoshima, is located in the Sea of Japan. When the parks were built, bunnies were set loose on the property. Then, as rabbits do, they started to multiply. Now, the parks are heavily populated with adorable bunnies and rabbits - you can sit with them, feed them, and snuggle them as much as they'll let you.

Lasquite Island

Lasquite Island is located off of Vancouver Island and Canada, and there, Tikki Smith lives with her family, 350 permanent residents, and about 40 St. Bernards. Smith is a breeder, which explains the Bernard surplus, and there's plenty of room for them to roam on her five acres of land.

Sloth Sanctuary

If you've ever been interested in finding an animal that's as lazy as you are, the sloth is your guy. The Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica has a bed & breakfast that is specifically for tourists who want to chill out with sloths and do absolutely nothing, all day long.

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