By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Hilarious Photos Of Animals Posing, I Met #3 In A Bar Last Night.

Some people like to have their photo taken more than others. For example, you might feel compelled to act like a total ham as soon as someone whips out their smartphone, while your significant other or best friend ducks out through the closest door and waits until its over.

Turns out, animals are no different. It might be impossible to capture a great photo of your own pet on film because they won't stop moving or ignoring you, but some animals actually seems to enjoy being the subject of someone's lens. The 25 animals below take such good photographs, it's hard to believe that they haven't had any formal training. #22 is basically Beyonce.

#1. Acting casual like it's no big deal.

#2. Purrrvocative.


#3. About to deliver a terrible pickup line.

About to deliver a terrible pickup line.

#4. Unbothered.


#5. Can't believe that you don't listen to NPR.

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