Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Puppy Tied In A Plastic Bag Had Zero Chance Of Survival, But She's Alive.

The amount of inhumanity we have in this world is unbearable. A lot of people fail to realize that animals are also beings who at least deserve respect, if not love. For example, what logical reasoning would any person have to physically attempt to end a dog's life?

Back in July, a poor puppy was found in a plastic trash bag in Transylvania, Romania. What they had found that was left of her in the bag, however, was very disheartening.

When they opened the bag, they found a puppy with a broken leg and maggots that had been consuming her flesh.

Not only was the dog dehydrated and starving, she was also suffering from a serious head injury.

“It is believed that this little pup had had a severe beating in an attempt to end her life,” said Helen Taylor.

The dog was immediately rushed to Transylvania Animal Care, where she received emergency medial care.

The first issue the doctors dealt with was the swelling on her brain. After that, they proceeded to removing the maggots that were eating her flesh.

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