By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Little Girl REALLY Doesn’t Want A Baby Brother. At 0:24 Her Disappointment Is Painfully Cute.

I remember when my parents told me that I would be having a baby brother. I was four years old, and I smiled through gritted teeth when they told me, probably hoping that when the baby came out, it would just be a girl anyways. As an adult, I've come to appreciate having brothers, but at that age, all I could do was pretend to be happy, retreat to my room, and plot out ways to destroy him.

Little Ella feels my pain, only her situation is even more dire: Ella's going to have a baby brother, and she already has two other brothers to deal with. Understandably, her reaction is somewhat... emotional. Maybe someday day she'll grow to love him?

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Source: Christina Grasso