Can You Answer This Quiz Correctly On Your First Try?

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It's easy to assume that online quizzes are meant for the average intellect, but while most of them aren't exactly an IQ test or even the Stanford Achievement Tests we all used to take when we were in school, it doesn't mean that they're always easy. Some of the puzzles can be really darn challenging and make you think. Of course it's not going to make you burn the few useful brain cells you have in your head but it might make you sweat a bit as you try to solve them.

Of course it wouldn't be a puzzle if you could actually solve it in two seconds. What would be the fun in that?

Everyone underestimates online puzzles, but they can trip you up sometimes.

And here's a hint, it's not 6. So don't even go there. Okay?

So now you just have to see if you can crack this puzzle.

Come on! Start by closing your mouth before you let some flies in and put on your thinking cap.

Oh darn! You weren't expecting it to be this hard, did you?

If you learn to think differently than the way you usually would then you might just have a chance to beat the challenge.

They key to solving these puzzles often involves thinking outside the box, rather than making excuses.

See? Told you it was all about thinking beyond the scope of what you were seeing. But don't feel too bad. You're not the first person to get it wrong.

Give up? The answer isn't what you thought it was and neither was the puzzle.

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