By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Bullies Made Her Life A Misery. So Her Big Tough Dad Did Something She’ll Never Forget.

In 2015, it seems like bullying has reached its peak. Not only are kids being bullied in school, but they also have to deal with being harassed on social media. Sometimes, it feels like kids these days just can't catch a break from the most painful parts of childhood.

But then again, there are some positive aspects of social media and its role in bullying. When this dad found out that his daughter Nia was being bullied at school for her weight, he decided to reach out to her (and all the other kids feeling the same) in an unusually modern way. His video is full of self-love affirmations, and when you hear it, you're going to wish you had access to something like this as a kid.

Next, classmates got together to help a kid who was being bullied.

Source: Khari Toure