By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Puts An iPhone Near Some Ants. Watch What Happens When It Rings… SPOOKY.

File this one under: Things you never thought you'd see but will be totally stoked that you did.

First, a little background on the ants you'll see in the video below. Ants' antennas are their primary sensory organs. They use them to make their way through the world, taking into account their surroundings - including the sounds they hear and obstacles in their way.

So when an iPhone is placed in the center of a swarm of ants, it's no surprise that they stay away from it: They can sense that it's there, and the phone is an obstacle. However, the really fascinating part is what happens when the phone starts ringing. You'll never guess what the electromagnetic wave of an incoming phone call can do.

Makes you think about your own braincells, huh?

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Source: ViralVideoLab