By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

These Photos Of The Ocean Are Achingly Beautiful. I Feel Calmer For Seeing Them.

These incredible photographs are the brainchild of Sandro Bocci, an Italian filmmaker who specializes in documentary films.

Anyone that has snorkeled or scuba dived in saltwater realizes what a mystical, magnificent, place the ocean can be. Sandro has taken his skills of time-lapsed photography, and used them to completely change our perspective of the underwater world. The following photos and video are of sponges, coral, and other aquatic life. They have been filmed under ultraviolet light to accentuate their natural beauty.

What you're about to see is just a snapshot of the beauty captured by Sandro. To really be amazed, make sure to watch the video all the way until the end. You will not only enjoy the beauty captured by Sandro, but you will feel yourself begin to sway with the ocean currents.

The next time I have the opportunity to dive, in the Caribbean or other saltwater location, or merely look at a saltwater aquarium, I will be looking at things a little differently, Thank you Sandro!

Source: Julia Set Collection