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By Huong Ngo

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Guy Turns Roommate’s Dirty Messes Into A Passive Aggressive Art Gallery.

Sharing a living space with a roommate can be difficult. This is why most people recommend not living with your friends. Most likely you'll end up losing that friendship by the end of the lease.

You can never tell what a person's living habits are until you actually live with him or her. So, what would you do if you lived with a messy person who doesn't clean up after themselves? Would you clean up for them or come up with a creative way to help them learn their lesson?

Justin Cousson definitely chose the creative route when he decided to turn all of his roommate's messes into a passive-aggressive art gallery.

"Boxes Left On Couch Because What Even Is Breaking Them Down And Recycling Or Even Leaving Them Not On The Couch"/ Mixed-Media, 2017

This actually works. They can break down and decompose on the couch.

"Choose Your Weapon (Or, Midnight Snack)"/ Mixed-Media, 2017

Didn't know a pair of tongs, scissors, and a candy wrapper could cost so much.

"Shoes On Shoe Rack (Nearly)"/ Mixed-Media, 2017

So close, yet so far! It's as if he didn't even try...

"Forgotten Milk, Left To Actively Go Rancid In Fridge Far Beyond Sell-By Date"/ Mixed-Media, 2017

The milk is so old, that it has curdles! That's so gross, I can't even begin to imagine how it smells.

"Clothes Left In Dryer Overnight, Then Another Night, Then..."/ Mixed-Media, 2017

The Bart Simpson underwear explains everything. Now we know what kind of person we're dealing with.

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