By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

A Pair Of Glasses Were Left In A Gallery, And People Actually Thought It Was ART.

The capacity for human imagination is grander than we will ever know. One way of looking at this power is through modern art, both the creation and the perception of it.

TJ Khayatan, a teenager from the San Francisco Bay Area, played a simple but clever prank at SFMOMA while visiting with his friends. They set a pair of glasses on the wooden floor, and just like that, visitors approached the "exhibition."

They stood for a bit, took photographs, and wondered what it meant. We'll never know for sure what they got out of it, whether or not they found it useful or important in relation to their own lives, but judging by the photos below, it seems that some folks connected more deeply with it than others.

Seventeen-year-old TJ Khayatan and his friends thought it would be funny to leave a pair of glasses on the floor of SFMOMA.

And it was.

Visitors approached the glasses with curiosity and wonder.

They snapped photographs for their memories and blogs.

Some even responded emotionally. Note the pair of specs on her as well.

Now, did this colorful bunch play a prank, or did they inadvertently create it? After all, their placement did produce new thought. Oh, trickery...

Source: Metro