By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Artist’s Before-And-After Paintings Show What Happens When You Don’t Give Up.

As the old saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day," and neither is anyone's talent. Sure, we might be born with a modicum of skill, but unless we cultivate it, that skill will likely fall to the wayside -- something you'll always be good at, but never great.

When people freaked out over Marc Allante's illustration of a lion, he decided to show them how long it took for him to get there. He's been drawing for 26 years, and his early work is obviously nowhere near the level of his current. Through hard work, dedication, and practice, he became the awesome illustrator that he is today -- and it's kind of amazing to see his evolution.

Here's a drawing of his grandparents, done at age two.

At age three, Mcar (or Marc) would learn to draw a bat.

Age four sawn the birth of his obsession with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

At age five, he'd figured out what he wanted to be.

Age six was all about nature.

Age seven was the year of the dinosaur.

Dogs were a focal point of age eight.

Age nine was an experimental year for his drawing.

And age 10 is where things started to really take shape.

He produced this dragon around age 11.

And by age 13, he was working on the composition of his figures.

He's gotten remarkably better at age 14.

And by age 15, his drawings had taken a turn for the totally realistic.

His talent continues to grow at age 16.

And at ages 17 and 18, he starts experimenting with surrealism.

This particular drawing took over nine months to finish.

Age 19 just keeps getting better.

And age 20 does as well.

Things are starting too look pretty professional by age 22.

And age 23 is where he starts experimenting with paint.

This painting, done at age 24, is what launched the young artist's website.

And this painting at age 25 went viral.

"Achilles," done at age 26, was the centerpiece of his first solo exhibition.

And age 27 saw the birth of one of his largest pieces yet.

And finally, at age 28, he created this beautiful illustration inspired by the work of Hokusai.

And that, friends, is what 26 years of cultivating your talent looks like.

Source: reddit