Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Street Art That Made Clever Use Of Its Natural Surroundings.

Street art isn't always commissioned. Some artists decide to provide the public with street art to help inspire others. Nothing shakes up a dull, urban environment more than some beautiful art. It can give

neighborhoods a new perspective.

Some street art in particular goes one step further by melding in with nature. Trees, bushes, and other greenery interact with the art piece to create an even more amazing artwork. Take a look at some of the most clever street art installations below.

#1. Pepper Picking

A painting of a female silhouette picking off actual peppers from a branch.

#2. Blossoming Turban

A mural of a dark complexioned woman with a beautiful flower tree coming out of her turban.

#3. Tree Watering

A wall mural of a little girl watering an actual tree that looks like a bush compared to her.

Tree Watering

Natalia Rak

#4. Flamingo Bush

A painting of a flamingo with a bush substituting for its body. The plants growing on the wall also look like the flamingo's leg!

Flamingo Bush

Pao Pao

#5. Growing Hand

A mossy tree growing out of the middle of a hand statue.

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