Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Street Art That Made Clever Use Of Its Natural Surroundings.

#11. Floral Vomit

A spray painting of a black silhouette throwing up actual flowers. After all, spray paint can be toxic when you're not wearing a mask.

#12. Fall Leaves

A street painting of a green alien like creature sweeping some actual autumn leaves under the pavement.

Fall Leaves

David Zinn

#13. Pinning Grass

A gigantic clothes pin that's pinching onto a hill of grass.

Pinning Grass

Mehment Ali Uysal

#14. Mouse Planter

A chalk drawing of a little mouse watering a tiny bit of grass growing from the ground.

Mouse Planter

David Zinn

#15. Branch Fingers

A wall mural of a man trying really hard to grow branches out of his finger tips.

Branch Fingers

Jose Luis Noriega

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