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By Camila Villafañe

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Artist With Vitiligo Created The Most Beautiful Line Of Dolls That Accurately Represent Black Beauty.

People living with vitiligo often deal with being pointed at, stared at, and sadly, even made fun of. The disease blotches on your skin when the cells that pigment die off. Thankfully, models like Winnie Harlow, who suffers from the disease, is helping those with vitiligo embrace their unique beauty. Now, an artist has found a new way to give people who suffer from this condition a boost of confidence. Kay Black created some dolls with various blotch patterns similar to vitiligo so that women and little girls can take pride in how they look and never shy away.

Kay black was so inspired by people with vitiligo that she chose to do something creative.

Also known as Kay Customz, Kay gave her dolls a makeover by painting their skin to look like vitiligo patterns from real people who suffer from this condition.

Kay believes that dolls tend to influence how kids see themselves.

In most cases, it also influences how they see others and how they define beauty, which is why she designed and now sells these dolls with the pigmentation illness.

Since Winnie Harlow, a vitiligo-stricken model came into the spotlight, people changed their tune.

Winnie has suffered from vitiligo since the age of 4. Growing up with dying skin cells responsible for pigmentation resulted in her being bullied and called names like "cow." But years later she wound up a contestant on Americas' Next Top Model. Take that, haters!

Naturally, Kay was inspired by Winnie's struggles and heartache when she designed the dolls.

Since Winnie redefined the way we look at beauty, Kay felt that it was only fair that a doll be designed based on her individual blotches, and all we can say is that plastic Winnie is just as beautiful as the real thing.

You can actually request to have one of these dolls made just for you.

The dolls are made of porcelain and take a few days for Kay to give them the appearance that the customer has requested. But you'll have to fork over $64 to $150 to own one.

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