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25 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Actually Asian.

The best thing about the world we live in today is the diversity. It's beautiful to think that any random person you meet in this world could potentially be a mix of multiple ethnicities.

Nowadays, figuring out a person's ethnicity can be very difficult. A person can look entirely one race but is actually a quarter or half of another race that you would have never expected!

Asian features are usually pretty noticeable in a person when they're full Asian. When a person is partially Asian, however, it's not as obvious. It can sometimes be very subtle to the point where you don't even notice unless you are told so.

Just below, we've compiled a list of celebrities you probably didn't know were Asian. Some made sense and others were just complete shockers.

#1. Ne-Yo

This talented singer started swooning girls as soon as his first singles hit the radio. He doesn't look like it, but he's a quarter Chinese! He gets it from his maternal grandfather.

#2. Enrique Iglesias

This skillful singer can serenade you in both English and Spanish. So of course we knew that he was Hispanic. But did you know that he's also half Filipino? Maybe he can serenade you in Tagalog as well!

Enrique Iglesias


#3. Rob Schneider

He's a great actor we love to watch in some of our favorite comedies. But as many times you've seen him on the big screen, would you have ever figured he's partially Filipino? A quarter Filipino, to be exact!

Rob Schneider

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#4. Keanu Reeves

Most formerly known for his role in the Matrix trilogy, most fans don't know Keanu's full ethnicity. He's a quarter Hawaiian and a quarter Chinese. Another fact you might have not known: he's a Canadian!

Keanu Reeves

Patrick McMullan

#5. The Rock

He's a former wrestler, current actor, and full-time stud. If you didn't already know, this big guy is half Samoan -- kind of explains his awesome tribal tattoos.

The Rock

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