By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

If You See A Woman Wearing This Mysterious Black Button… This Is What It Means.

Women should be able to go for a run, walk, or simply be outside at night without fear of becoming a victim to violence. Nonetheless, statistics paint a terrifying picture: one in five women have endured rape or attempted rape. A piece of jewelry has been designed to combat this threat and help women stay safe.

ROAR for Good has designed Athena, a pendant-style device that can be activated anytime someone is in trouble. By holding down on Athena’s button for three seconds, a sound similar to a fire alarm goes off. Furthermore, a text message is sent to family and friends alerting them of a potentially dangerous situation as well as the location of the distressed signal.

Athena can be worn as a fashion accessory on a bag, pants, or even a necklace.

A lot of research has gone into Athena. Early prototypes revealed that wrist devices were not easy to reach when a woman is being attacked.

For every device sold, 10% of the proceeds will be given to not-for-profit organizations teaching boys and girls about empathy and healthy relationships.

Athena has a loud and very noticable alaram. Women also have the option to set Athena on SilentROAR™, an alert that can be triggered without the alarm sound going off.

The device comes in three different colors.

Watch the video for more information.

Source: ROAR for Good