By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Car Commercial Is Playing A Trick On Your Eyes... Can You Tell What It Is?

The Škoda Fabia is an adorable, supermini car produced by a Czech car company called Škoda Auto. Like most tiny rides, it's perfect for navigating city streets, has great gas mileage, and is affordable to put on the road.

The Škoda Fabia might seem relatively conventional and unassuming, but it also has magical powers. In fact, the tiny coop is so incredible, you won't even notice what's happening right before your eyes.

Was your mind blown? Did you watch the video twice, or maybe even three times? Don't worry - we had the "a-ha!" moment, too.

Frankly, it's probably one of the best car advertisements since those hamsters cruised by in a Kia Soul - and even if you're not in the market for a mini car, the tricked out, trick-eye video is super fun to watch.

Source: ŠKODA UK